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Financial Risk and Performance Analytics

Deliver a real-time decision-making environment for finance and line of business. The solution enables you to:

  • Drive the next (long) mile of improvements in profitability, working capital, competitiveness related to components of company financial statements
  • Conduct scenario analysis on real-time data to get reliable and quick feedback in granular business, product and geographic scope
  • Get creative recommendations from proven predictive methods

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Financial Impact of Risk / Automated Mitigation of User Risks

Access Violation Management quantifies financial exposure from access risks and prioritizes compliance efforts based on dollar value impact of risks across organizations, business processes and users. The solution elements include:

  • Exception-based monitoring for actual segregation of duties conflicts
  • Online review and sign off of segregation of duty and critical action violations
  • Quantification of financial exposure of access risk to drive change

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Security Risk Analytics

Our Analytics on Security Risk enables the office of CISO to correlate business risks to security events. The solution elements include:

  • Quantification of risks, indicators, drivers, and impact for board room reporting on cyber posture
  • Compliance Monitoring facilitates the intake of requirements, content analytics, applicability analysis, impact assessment and collaboration among key stakeholders
  • Risk-based Threat Management aggregates data from security prevention, detection and remediation platforms, and correlates that data with cyber risk, business operation and asset criticality
  • Incident Management measures and correlates an organization’s response and remediation to events which relate to its cyber security posture whether it is a control exception, a security alert or a cyber-attack incident

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Cyber Governance

Greenlight Cyber Governance analytics-based platform is for Office of CISO executives to monitor their cyber governance program and communicate progress and vision to the board. Key elements include:

  • Automation of intake and change management to cater to frequent changes in cybersecurity frameworks and mandates
  • Gap identification and management for evolving security requirements
  • Business management relating to impact of cybersecurity, insider risks, data breaches, and violations
  • Exception-based monitoring of control violations that leverages and integrates with existing security solutions

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Insider Threat

Greenlight Insider Threat solution continuously monitors privileged access  and protect sensitive data. Solution elements include:

  • Policy-based analytics for insider activities
  • Independent system of record that prevents audit-trail manipulation andprovides complete audit trail of all privileged account activities
  • Automation of end-to-end process for granting and tracking activities performed by privileged users

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Regulation Management

Our Regulation Management solution aligns regulatory requirements with internal control activities and operations and enables organizations to respond to regulatory changes in a speedy and systemic manner. Key solution elements include:

  • The single authoritative repository for regulatory alerts and change management
  • Gap identification in meeting evolving regulatory requirements
  • Automation in execution and testing of controls across enterprise systems
  • Continuous monitoring detects, prevents, resolves and manages risks across transactions
  • Predictions on areas of non-compliance

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SAP Solutions

SAP resells key Greenlight solutions to help customers manage risks and regulations.

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Enterprise Integration for SAP GRC

Enterprise Integration for GRC extends Access Control and Process Control functionalities to all non—ABAP business applications. Key aspects of the solution includes the ability to:

  • Establish consistent GRC policies and streamline user and business process monitorin
  • Extend real-time risk analysis and provisioning across enterprise systems
  • Reduce access governance and compliance costs while increasing IT and business productivity

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